Saturday, October 16, 2004

Kerry to Earth can you hear me ?

In replying to someone's post about the fact that they were upset that Kerry said he'd kill the terrorist I had to write this. This is a joke about what Kerry's first words to the world might be if elected. WARNING JOKE ONLY :)

Dear Earth,

You know world we're sorry. Sorry we showed you our evidence that you helped compile. We're sorry it was proven wrong because we would not have proceeded knowing what we know now. To all those people out there who have been arrested because you were doing evil things we are sorry? I'm sorry that we tried to make the world a better place I really am. To all those that feel you've been affected in anyway please contact my associate John Edwards as he is collecting names for a new class action lawsuit that would be just perfect for you. Again I'm sorry and feel free to visit our great country anytime.

John Kerry
President, Liberal States Of Democratica

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Posting Here Too From Now On

I've got a Live Journal account that I use for political comments so I'm going to start reproducing them here too. Hope everyone enjoys.